Course curriculum

    1. You are a VIP!

    1. Let Us Pray

    2. Aspiring Authors Orientation

    3. What does best-seller mean to you?

    4. Creative Brainstorming

    5. You ARE a real writer!

    6. The Beauty of Google Docs in Writing

    1. Welcome to Day 2!

    2. The Basics of Self-Publishing

    3. Overcoming Writer's Block

    4. Writing Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

    5. Is co-authoring for you?

    6. Behind-the-Scenes: How Changing My Environment Helped Me Beat Writer's Block

    1. Living in Community as a Writer

    2. The Beauty of Podcasting

    3. Writing with Vulnerability

    4. Writing a Children's Book

    5. Writing to an International Audience

    1. Writing About Covid

    2. The ABCs of Editing

    3. The Self-Editing Process

    4. Using Canva as a Writer

    5. Fiverr & Your Book Can Go Hand in Hand

    1. A Wellness Check for Your Author Brand

    2. Meeting Your Audience Members Where They Are...on Social Media

    3. How to Choose a Writing Coach

    4. Behind-the-Scenes of a Coaching Session Between Toni & Cheryl

    5. Q&A: How Do I Develop a Title for My Book?

    6. A Prayer for You and Your Next Book

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